“International Symposium on Global Trends in health, technology and management (GTHTM-2024), 15th to 17th March,2024, Dehradun”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the collaboration of man and machines. It is a way of making computers/ software to do human-like tasks. The advent of AI dates back to 1957 when computers could store more information and became more faster and cheaper. The first algorithms developed aimed to solve simple problems and slowing the complexity of the problem increased until 1980. A few eminent researchers like Marvin Minsky postulated that by the late 80s, we would have machines with general intelligence equivalent to average human beings but nevertheless, we are still on the way to that advancement.

AI is increasingly popular now with different tools such as Chat GPT and online freeware tools such as TensorFlow. In generations to come, we will note increased involvement of AI and its further development. AI could be considered both a friend and a potential problem for humans depending on its development and proper application.

AI can be a valuable tool to solve challenging problems involving large-scale data sets and can be an emerging challenge if not used ethically. Proper regulations around the use of AI in various disciplines are need of hour. Its application is beyond any limitation when it comes to health care. AI implementation in the field of medicine and its sub-specialities has been long under debate. Similarly, the use of AI-driven diagnostic robots and chat box is already becoming a reality in different parts of the world to overcome human resource scarcity in the field of health care. Another important application area is in the process of drug development and automation of clinical trials.  AI-driven processes have less scope for errors and are considerably very reliable when it comes to data collection and analysis. However, the ethics regulations need to incorporate the limits for AI use in this reference.

Therefore, we see that AI applications need to be explored and regulated so that they can be used to find solutions to different complex problems such as triaging the patients as per symptoms in the primary or secondary health care centres where there is mostly scarcity of doctors and nurses.  At the forum, we want to explore the developments in the field of AI and how they can be used in different processes in a regulated manner to find some solutions.