“International Symposium on Global Trends in health, technology and management (GTHTM-2024), 15th to 17th March,2024, Dehradun”

  • To provide an open platform for different stakeholders from disciplines of medicine, health, technology, and management to exchange ideas.
  • To support innovative technologies and start-up ideas which can bring positive impact to life and well-being.
  • To increase preparedness and response of health systems to counter pandemics by integrating advancement in health technology and management into health services.
  • To promote corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices across different sectors towards the achievement of sustainable development goals.
  • To build up partnerships for health system sustainability and resilience bring academics, government, non-government, international organizations and private on a common platform.
  • To promote the exchange of ideas and help in building up innovative solutions to tackle problems related to climate change, environment protection and other issues of concern including war, and conflicts leading to health emergencies.
  • To promote education and research which can be translated into practical solutions to solve real-world problems.
  • To use cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, simulation exercises, and modelling to develop business and innovative solutions to help both public and private organizations to ensure return on investment.
  • To provide the possibility of networking and working together with the best minds in various disciplines.
Why do we need a multidisciplinary approach to solve complex problems related to health and the environment?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is an important example to show the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to strengthen health systems to support medical care. Many healthcare facilities did not have the appropriate infrastructure to support the surge need. Often transport of patients and test samples was not possible due to poor roads and less number of ambulances. Medical first aid is required for symptomatic management of patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome due to disruption of supply chains. In some countries, information technology systems were not in place to monitor epidemiological data and trace vaccination campaigns. Often the underlying problem is communication and coordination among different stakeholders.

Through the forum, we aim to bring different experts from disciplines of science, technology health and management together to find solutions to complex issues such as new emerging diseases, climate change and its effect on health etc. There is a need to sit together and think on integrating different disciplines so that we can find a long-term sustainable solution.