“International Symposium on Global Trends in health, technology and management (GTHTM-2024), 15th to 17th March,2024, Dehradun”

During the last decade, we have noted a rapid development in many sectors including drug and pharmaceuticals, gene therapy, medical sciences and information technology. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic showed us that in spite of our progress in the field of drug and vaccine development, it still remains a challenge for us to rapidly develop a vaccine for disease X which suddenly appears. Additionally, developing cost-effective ventilators and other health systems to ensure minimum health care to patients under public health emergencies remains a challenge. We need to identify and nurture innovative ideas which provide solutions to different challenges faced in providing health care at primary and secondary healthcare centres. Team effort is required to change an idea into reality and it needs a platform to bring all actors with common interests together.

Similarly, research and drug development includes high cost and a huge amount of time (approximately on average 10 years per drug) till it can be finally used in clinical settings. Evidence-based medicine and research is another important component in the process of drug development. Finally, we cannot ignore the challenges one faces in health technology assessment and market access when it comes to drug affordability.  A classic example if the development of the wonder drug Spinraza for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Due to the high cost of treatment, this medicine is not affordable to many patients and has restricted access.

The high cost of drug development remains a challenge and similarly low cost of production when it comes to manufacturing ventilators, intensive care units’ equipment etc. 

The forum recognises research and innovation tailored to current needs as a challenge and would support drug discovery and other innovation ideas which influence well well-being and health of an individual.