“International Symposium on Global Trends in health, technology and management (GTHTM-2024), 15th to 17th March,2024, Dehradun”

Health is wealth and no one can negotiate on his or her well-being. Advancements in the field of science, technology and management aim to make modern-day life more comfortable and confront challenges such as climate change, the emergence of new diseases, sustainability and scarce resources both natural and non-natural.

Lessons learned from the recent pandemic show us that despite our advancement in both science and technology our life remains still vulnerable to new emerging pathogens. The pandemic also showed that it is not only the advent of new vaccines and medications necessary to confront new emerging diseases but proper management and coordination of available resources equally important. The leading cause of mortality during the pandemic included a lack of essential medical supplies (e.g. intravenous fluids, oxygen, ventilatory support etc.), proper infection prevention equipment and fewer human resources to cater for the needs of surge capacity. Additionally, the infrastructures required to support the medical measures such as the number of beds available at hospitals, transport ambulance, IT information systems to monitor the supply chain, project managers at the site of medical triage, proper roads for transportation of medical aid to rural areas, electricity supplies to hospitals and medical units to support ventilators and other critical machinery were not in place which led to further increase in mortality despite of available vaccines.

This shows us that even though we might look through different lenses towards advancement in different fields such as health, science and technology, drug development and management there is a need to integrate them to find sustainable solutions for the difficult challenges which we face in today’s world. Working in silos in the respective field of expertise might not be helpful to find solutions to today’s world problems.

The Global Health Techno-Management Forum (GHTMF)  aims to bring expertise from the field of health, technology, and management together to discuss solutions to different challenges which the human race might come across in years to come. Whether it is issues related to health and well-being, increased incidence of lifestyle diseases including cancer, effects of climate change on health, use of artificial intelligence to improve both health and life of individuals including its contribution to drug discovery, advent and implementation of sustainability practices, improving agricultural practices to overcome issues related to food scarcity or modern training and education, the Global health Techno-Management forum hopes to foster a healthy discussion and move towards a potential solution.

To attain the core values of health and better management keeping the technology as a barometer, the GHTMF has been formulated at an international leading think medium credited with innovations in health, technology and management equity, benefiting the whole society, and mankind. GHTMF provides a common platform among educationists, academicians, corporations, industries (Health, Pharmacy, Biotech, Chemicals), politicians, the media and policymakers to augment health and management, educational growth and incredible research. It will align the big leaders of health management and technology from various regions of India and leading countries around the globe to make an open space for giant networking and interactions for questing and solving problems and making new business and creation of resources.